Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Period Times During the Day?

Below is a table showing the timing of the periods for a normal school day (Monday–Thursday).

Morning Roll Call 8:30–8:40am
Period 1 8:40–9:20am
Period 2 9:20–10:00am
Recess 10:00–10:30am
Skills 10:30–11:00am
Period 4 11:00–11:40am
Period 5 11:40am–12:20pm
Lunch 12:20–12:50pm
Period 6 12:50–1:25pm
Period 7 1:25–2:00pm
Afternoon Roll Call 2:00–2:10pm

What Do Students Do on Fridays?

On Fridays, the school operates on a different timetable, and emphasis is put on the development of living,  personal, and social skills, undertaking leisure activities, such as walks around Sydney’s Harbour area, going to the movies, and guest speakers including Enough is Enough and YouthSafe. Special religious and Marist feast-days are also celebrated on Fridays.

On Fridays, the students finish at 1:30pm.

How Long Does a Student Stay at Berne?

Berne offers a full curriculum for students in Years 7–10, and some students will be at the school for this length of time.

However, students will attend the school for a period that will best suit their needs. If it is determined at any stage that a student’s needs would be best met in a mainstream school, then the Principal and staff at Berne will assist in making this transition.

Does the School Only Accept Catholic Students?

No, however students from other Catholic Schools will be given priority. Students and their families should be aware that Religious Education is part of the curriculum and that the school community recognises and celebrates religious days throughout the year.

How is a Student Referred to Berne?

A student may be a suitable candidate for attending The John Berne School if they are experiencing extreme difficulty in their current school due to a range of behavioural issues and learning difficulties, placing their education at risk.

Concerned parents are welcome to contact Berne directly, however the preferred method for making enquiries is through consultation with the student’s existing school. Berne staff are experts in assisting students making the transition from a mainstream setting and the school works in partnership with other schools to achieve the best outcome for its students.

More information: Enrolment and Fees.

Where to After Berne?

Current NSW legislation requires that students remain in school until they are 17 years old, and have completed Year 10. Through the job ready! and Changing Lanes Programs, Berne students will understand options available to them when they finish Year 10, and the staff at school will help them access post-school learning and working options.

Generally speaking, close to half of our Year 10 graduates will go on to Year 11 courses in other schools, with the other half securing a combination of full time work or study through apprenticeships, TAFE courses, and local employers.

More information: job ready! Program | Changing Lanes.